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What is a Drone roof survey?

Keydrone Ltd is one of the leading drone inspection companies in the UK. We complete a variety of surveys and instructions. A common question asked is, what is drone inspection

  • Drone survey aerial photography is the safest, swiftest and economical roof surveillance currently available.
  • Surveying roofs is the most popular request we get from construction professionals and property investors. Where a drone is flown over a building to capture specific data. This helps building surveyors, structural engineers, loss adjusters, insurers, and many other construction professionals complete their reports with far less caveats.
  • Drone photography has shifted from a consumer past time to a serious tool in all leading industries in the UK. Estimated to be worth £45 billion to the UK economy by 2030 https://tinyurl.com/HM-Government
Slipped slates on edge of roof captured by drone
Slipped Slates on Roof Accurately Captured by Drone

Why Drone Inspection Services?

Drone usage, for building inspection images, is becoming common practice. 

  • UAV inspection video and photos eliminates working from height in construction. 
  • The construction industry leads in workplace accidents. With falls from height the biggest cause of death on construction sites in the UK https://tinyurl.com/construction-news
  • Save huge amounts of money on cherry pickers, scaffolding, operatives and traffic management. Drones are ideal for speedy visual inspection.
  • Drone surveying is an invaluable timesaving exercise.
  • Inspect out of reach areas like rooftops that are normally impossible to survey, for example, in busy city centres.
  • Drone roof inspection from Keydrone Ltd is produced in 4K. And photography in 48 megapixel RAW images. Video and images are crystal clear and nothing else can match the quality.
Every Inch of Asbestos Roof Sheet Safely Captured in Unparalleled Detail showing all Defects

Technical Drone Inspection and Monitoring

Drone inspection monitoring is ideal for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM). To survey roofs and hard to access areas. A great tool to conduct a regular schedule for PPM.

  • Used for outdoor aerial photography. Drones are used indoors too. This makes them ideal tools to check internal roof details.
  • The RAW footage captured is vital data. Submit this to insurers for a damages claim.
  • Used in RICS Building Inspection Reports (BIR). Detailed analysis can be safely conducted with conclusions.
  • Append to a commercial property lease, to form an invaluable part of a photographic Schedule of Condition.
  • Make informed decisions about investing in a property, by inspecting the roof easily and reliably.
  • UAV photography can be part of a home survey report, which otherwise would be caveat.
Roof Inspection UK by Keydrone Ltd
Residential Drone Roof Inspection Capturing Hard to Reach Areas with ease

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