Keydrone Drone Photography is used for planned preventative maintenance in Scotland

Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography, for construction professionals, property investors and hospitality.

drone inspection videographer

drone roof inspection Specialist

Property and commercial aerial photography

Why use Drone photography?

You save a vast amount of time and money. As a business, an investor or an individual a drone roof survey can save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Aerial photography captures those out to reach areas with ease.

Reduce scaffolds, cherry pickers or council traffic management.

Eliminate working from height risks with drone imagery.

Ideal for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) works.

Reduce or eliminate building survey caveats, whether BIR, Dilapidations or Schedule of Condition Reports.

Produce better client reports with drone photography.

Eradicate guesswork with incredibly detailed data capture with 4K high quality drone videography and 48MP RAW photos.

Why Keydrone?

You get professional photographers with 20 years commercial experience. We know how to capture great drone images and drone video, for a number of industries.

We have worked professionally in building surveying for years, and understand how the construction industry works.

With a background in contracts management and building maintenance, we appreciate the nuances of property investment.

Additionally, a detailed pre-flight plan and onsite research included as standard before we even consider a project, large or small.

Qualified drone photographer under UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulations. EC785/2004 fully insured and compliant.

Safe and legally registered Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator.

Entirely compliant with CAP 722 UAS Operations in UK Airspace.

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