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Keydrone Ltd is based in Scotland. And offer drone inspection services throughout the UK. We help construction and property professionals fulfil their client obligations with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Saving you time and money.

Drone survey inspection of asbestos industrial roof showing defective outlets and debris on corrugated sheeting

Drone Inspection Services

One significant drone service we offer is helping surveyors complete reports. Dilapidations, Schedules of Condition, and Building Inspection Reports (BIR).

We can photograph extremely awkward industrial spaces. That cherry pickers can only view from a distance or not at all. We help with capturing areas that would otherwise be caveated in your reports. Our drone photography services includes crystal clear video and images.

Capture roof details with confidence. We are fully qualified and experienced drone photographers.

Drone roof inspection service

Capture the hardest to reach city centre building inspections!

Our drone services are ideal for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM). And surveys at height. Reduce cherry picker costs, scaffolding and council traffic management plans.

For example, in the City of Edinburgh drone services can capture roofs, voids, rainwater goods, and dormer details that would otherwise be caveated in reports. Obtain data from traditionally impossible to inspect details, and eliminate associated costs.

residential Property and hospitality Aerial Photography

A cost effective way to keep a detailed eye on your roof coverings, gutters and surrounding estate. Or why not create some epic aerial footage of your hotel, property let, or your business website?

Keydrone Ltd are experts in photography and videography. Having originally made their name in wedding photography.

We produce professionally edited video in different formats. With typically next day turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

a no nonsense guide to drone inspection questions we get

How much does a drone survey cost?

A roof inspection is as little as £200+VAT. A typical inspection costs under £350+VAT. We quote per project and include the hourly rate. All fees are 100% transparent from the outset.

Are drones illegal?

No. They are completely legal to fly in the UK for commercial use. The correct qualifications, and right permissions are required from the local Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Why can’t I just get a drone and do it myself?

There is nothing stopping you! However, you do so at great risk. Current violations of the drone code, set out by CAA Regulations, is up to 5 years imprisonment. Pleading ignorance is not a defence! Aviation law is taken very seriously everywhere in the world.

Can Drones Fly over Private Property?

Technically yes. Nobody owns the airspace above a property. Only the land underneath is legally entitled. Privacy law is an important consideration when Keydrone Ltd undertake a flight path.

What do I get if I hire you?

You get safety first and foremost. And a qualified aviation expert.

But this of course includes the data output or media captured, whether you requested video, pictures or both.

We also do all the hard work on your behalf, including;

Notice to Aviation (NOTAMs) via Air Traffic Control as per CAA safe aviation practices

Pre-flight survey planning (8 step process)

Onsite survey plan (both desktop study and on day of flight)

Weather and safety checks, commercial liability insurance, and all legal checks undertaken

Aviation collision avoidance planner

Emergency services strategy in the event of an emergency

High quality 48MP Raw photography and 4K video as standard.

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